Falco Consulting is an independent software and electronics consultancy specialising in embedded systems development.

About Us

Our core work is software development for embedded systems — from initial concept and specification through to implementation and testing.

We also have a lot of experience both designing hardware and working with boards developed by our clients. We are experts at bringing up new boards, debugging and fixing hardware faults, and writing device drivers and application code to achieve the best from the system.


  • Embedded software development, including multi-threaded and real-time code
  • Embedded Linux — porting Linux to custom hardware, writing device drivers and application code
  • Developing for a wide range of processor architectures
  • Designing and implementing communication links for components in distributed systems
  • Electronic hardware design and debugging


The processor architectures our customers most commonly use are ARM-based SoCs and Microchip PIC devices. But we are happy to work with all technologies, no matter how unusual. We always enjoy a challenge!

Case Studies

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